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... My love will not die, please let it be known.

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So.. my dad and his friend just completely wiped EVERYTHING from my comptuer.

Words are kinda failing me right now.

I'm still using my moms laptop, which isn't that bad, I could be left with absolutely no compter access but still.

Just a word of warning. If someone asks you NOT to do something until they get a chance to save all of their shit, LISTEN TO THEM!!!!! Really.

Goodbye music, photos, icons, tv shows.

I'm so pissed off right now. I'm also feeling pissed off for the things I'm going to remember that I lost. Youknow.. things that I can't recall at the moment but will be able to in a few days.

Fucking hell.

Gonna go and sulk now.

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just so you know, i would DIE.
seriously. i can't... i'm sorry. that is just horrible :(

i've been backing my stuff up a lot lately just because I want some room back on my computer... but it's just... i can't imagine losing everything :(


Aww, thank you <3

It's nice to have someone that can understand! Parents however, do not :P

Thankfully, I've found some of my icons saved to my e-mail account, so atleast I have something, youknow?
All I know is that I won't be saving a single thing to just one place ever again lol. It's funny, I've heard these 'horror' stories of people losing everything, but I figured I'd never be in that situation myself. :P

First & last time only!

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