There's a field nearby with words written in stone

... My love will not die, please let it be known.


So.. my dad and his friend just completely wiped EVERYTHING from my comptuer.

Words are kinda failing me right now.

I'm still using my moms laptop, which isn't that bad, I could be left with absolutely no compter access but still.

Just a word of warning. If someone asks you NOT to do something until they get a chance to save all of their shit, LISTEN TO THEM!!!!! Really.

Goodbye music, photos, icons, tv shows.

I'm so pissed off right now. I'm also feeling pissed off for the things I'm going to remember that I lost. Youknow.. things that I can't recall at the moment but will be able to in a few days.

Fucking hell.

Gonna go and sulk now.

Maxence Cyrin - Crazy In Love


Sometimes words aren't needed.

One down. Two to go.


This shit was like crack to me back in my 'Wiffy' days.

That aside: This is hands-down one of my favourite scenes of the entire series. I waited so long to see who 'came out ontop', so to speak. Was not disappointed. =)

Popping my LiveJournal cherry

After having this thing for over a year, I decided 'what the heck', let's post something!

Here it is.

.... How anti-climactic was that?


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